Saturday, September 27, 2008

The LRC blog on the debate
  • McCain’s fake stand for small government.
  • His ‘humble’ foreign policy.
  • Obama’s programme: More war, more spending, more killing, more socialism, more regulations, more government in all directions. What a great race.
  • His nationalism: ‘No American soldier ever dies in vain. Because they were following the orders of their Commander in Chief.’ Jawohl.
  • They both want more aggression against the Persians but Obama is cooler-headed, with better rhetoric and less terrifying promises for war.
  • They are also both horrible on Russia and NATO and believe in ‘energy independence’ — as in massive subsidies to all energy sectors and economic autarky.
Alex Massie’s and Daniel Larison’s liveblogging
Oh, God. Russia. Yup, Obama wants an action plan to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. He won’t get any argument from McCain on that. McCain says Obama is a naive pansy vis à vis Russia.

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