Friday, September 12, 2008

LRC’s Bill Anderson on the US election and the culture wars
He likes Camille Paglia for the same reasons I do
I could admire his [Obama’s] own lifestyle and the fact that he clearly does not have the reputation of being a skirt-chaser (unlike John McCain 30 years ago).
A liability for Mad Mac to the Prot right (‘Christianists’, you can hear the equally odious left hiss) but I still think their power is overrated. (They including Jerry Falwell were a footnote in the 1980 election, end of story; the Republican régimes then and now are neocon-run shows.) Palin’s appeal includes but is not limited to them as I think McCain’s recent upswing among white women shows.

As with Bill Clinton (by accident a pretty good conservative president, arguably more so than Reagan) I think the skirt-chasing part of McCain’s life/past could work for him much like Palin’s frontier lust for life, a primal strength (virility), even pagan, something that rednecks and Paglia alike respond well to whilst the appeal of Obama’s politically correct abstemiousness seems limited to the most powerful voting bloc of his base. (They only like promiscuity when it buys into their ideology.) Irrelevant. AFAIK George W. Bush’s personal life is likewise entirely above-board and admirable; he still never should have been president.

I imagine evangelicals don’t believe Obama’s gestures towards them and neither do I. The surveys I’ve seen in passing agree. He really does say one thing in Scranton and another in San Francisco about ‘those people’.

Go, gridlock!

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