Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama the war candidate
Military expert Bill Lind on the fool’s errands in AfPak and Iran the senator wants
Obama is largely right on Iraq. Whether he would follow through on his plan for withdrawing U.S. troops is another question.
We’ve already heard his ‘forces on the ground’ weaselling.
His position on Afghanistan is mere posturing intended to show he will be “tough on terrorism.”
Which means he’ll try to do it but hasn’t really thought it out; he knows nothing about the military.
Obama wants to send in more troops and win the war.
And do what the British and Russian empires couldn’t? ‘Yes, we can!’ No, you can’t.
Obama called for direct U.S. military action in Pakistan, with or without Pakistani approval.
Regarding Iran remember what he said to Aipac. This is what he promised to do for Israel:
An attack on Iran could cost us the whole army we have in Iraq. It could set the region on fire, from Afghanistan to the Nile. It could create an oil crisis with severe economic consequences at a time when the world economy is tottering. It is, in short, madness.
Assuming he’s a man of his word, don’t vote for him (or the other guy).

From LRC.

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