Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peter Hitchens’ Sunday entry
There is no such organisation as ‘Al Qaeda’. The spooks know this, Cabinet Ministers know this and so do the ‘security correspondents’ who so readily trot out the spooks’ point of view on our broadcasting networks.

Of course, there are terrorists, and there are also fantasists, fanatics, low-lifes and camp followers who plot and attempt horrible things. Some of them even call themselves ‘Al Qaeda’ these days because they have learned that this is a good way to scare us.

But, while they are a menace, they are not as big or as organised a menace as the Government likes to make out.

The State and the vainglorious bureaucrats of the ‘security’ services need to pretend that the terrorists are a tightly organised and terrifying threat, to make themselves look big as well — and to help them get hold of new powers to snoop on us and push us around.

The Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, hasn’t got anybody to surrender to. The South Koreans don’t want to pay for rebuilding the North, which would wipe out their economy. George W. Bush, always scanning the horizon for someone to be afraid of, needs to pretend that North Korea is a terrible threat to the USA. And Kim fears that if he just steps down, and admits that the weird godless religion of Kim-worship is a lie, he will probably be torn to pieces by the disillusioned, half-starved mob.

Is he dead? How would anybody know? Is he ill? I expect so.

He has not treated his body as a temple, and North Korean elite medicine (how can I put this?) relies rather too heavily on feeding the sick person the private parts of dogs.

It is cruel and pointless to continue the pretence that they are a menace to anyone but themselves.
As with Cuba.
In normal times, the pictures of simpering airheaded Young Tories in Tatler, posing as if the world belongs to them by right, would have sunk the Conservatives for ever.

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