Sunday, September 07, 2008

On what basis can which groups of Christians collaborate politically? It is not really a question of credal statements since, as we all know, comparatively few Methodists or Presbyterians or [Roman] Catholics actually know very clearly what their churches teach, but what is the emphasis? I have never felt especially uncomfortable with Baptists, because, although they lack nearly all sense of the sacraments, they – at least many I know – are earnest about their faith and their lives, and they do not get so easily distracted by theories (Double Predestination) or Millennialist mythologies. But in the hip Evangelical churches whose members tune into Rick Warren and TBN, I find nothing but an endless search for novelty and excitement wrapped up in nearly all the delusions of American society – a boundless acquisitiveness, an unconditional faith in the divine destiny of America, a self-centered and self-imposed ignorance of everything you cannot buy with a credit card. Other than try to convert them to some bona fide Christian faith, I don’t know what is to be done with such people.
— Dr Fleming of Chronicles

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