Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weasel words
This person seems to know the central, distinctive doctrines of Christianity but of course I don’t like seeing them described as ‘crap’. I’m guessing he’s a Roman Catholic; a look at other doctrines might help him understand the consistent ethic of life which allows the death penalty for some crimes (very different from murdering an inconvenient baby) and just war (thus pro-life and anti-war are not hypocritical). Other than that not bad.
Pro-choice is a euphemism, and people generally employ euphemisms when want to avoid using a word that has bad connotations, like, say, abortion.

Homophobic literally means “afraid of humans (and their close relatives)” or “afraid of sameness.” Under either definition, I qualify as homophobic. I’m scared of people and monotony, and especially monotonous people.

You can’t fight a war against a state of mind (“terror”) or a military tactic (“terrorism”). You can only fight wars against groups of people.
From Fr Methodius.

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