Thursday, September 25, 2008

What was he thinking?
  • The buzz on Paul endorsing Baldwin. Here I’m breaking with the great man and still staying home. After all libertarianism by nature is not a leader cult. I answer this entry from an outraged left-libertarian here but essentially agree on not voting for the Constitution Party. That said at least Baldwin signs onto Paul’s four broad principles he named at his recent press conference. And: The secular left hates freedom of religion as much as the religious right does. Cultural liberal does not necessarily equal libertarian in my opinion. So do some of the religious left.
  • Libertarianism shrugged.
  • Nice thought but no. Many (most?) people just aren’t that well-informed and don’t think things through. The lazy default option would have remained Obama. (The power of positive prejudice: he’s black therefore he’s for whatever I want changed.) This is true: A flaw is saying “Hard to its [the GOP] right”. Ron Paul is in a different dimension altogether. He is as much as far to the left. And: Ron Paul’s political survival as a congressman probably trumps anything that would have been gained by a third-party candidacy.

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