Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to the future
Justin Raimondo’s latest: what an Obama presidency would really mean
We seem to be reliving the first days of the Great Depression of the 1930s, and war drums are heard in the distance.

Our own form of Caesarism will have distinctly American characteristics, of course, but the universal pattern will run true to form: a system of economic corporatism, with all power invested in the State and the whole infernal machinery energized by a demonic sense of mission — in our own case, the “duty” to export the wonders of “democracy,” American-style, to the world, and otherwise Do Good.
Yes, ‘truly possums’: ‘change the world; yes, we can!’ Oh, sh*t. Eventually like now-President Cheney’s and then Mad Mac’s war the economy would grind that to a halt but at what human cost?

More on the putative peace candidate:
His planned grand scale re-invasion of Afghanistan is already being hailed by yesterday’s “liberals” — tomorrow’s hawks — as we dig ourselves into a deeper hole than was ever dug in the sands of Iraq.
And don’t forget Aipac. Raimondo didn’t.
The War Party, far from being banished from Washington, is simply re-entering through the back door.

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