Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Catholic faith
  • Fr Toles watches Becket. Longtime readers here know this St Thomas is one of this blog’s patrons. Ora pro nobis.
  • Arturo’s holy realism. It hurts. Such verses as the ones penned by Belloc ... seem to be only for the titillation of converts and those who see Catholicism as an escape from their petit-bourgeois lives. Official Catholic morality had to be strict because the societies that it governed were nearly godless places. There is indeed tenderness and humanity in Catholicism: the soft gaze of the Virgin of Sorrows, the pitiful figure of a bloody corpus on the Cross, and angels who sore high above the eyes of worshippers, pointing to the Heaven that looks down on this vale of tears. Such tenderness and glory, however, are bought with a high price. Catholic “intellectuals” would best think twice before they proclaim that they are willing to pay it.
  • The Spanish mystics including St Teresa in a few words.
  • Iraq’s beleaguered Christians. From Joshua.
  • The martyrs of Orissa.

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