Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
  • The kids are alright. Liberal Episcopalian Luiz Coelho notes as I and others have done that churched young people want credal orthodoxy and Catholic liturgy though not necessarily Catholic theology/ecclesiology. Even in the few cases where I have run into theologically conservative and liturgically traditionalist young Anglicans, they have seemed to me to be much more charitable to divergent ideas and more apt to accepting diversity, or even a peaceful co-existence in different churches. Exactly.
  • What happens to unbaptised babies? The short answer is we don’t know.
  • What distinguishes a Catholic church from a Protestant sect? More. To which I add: the dividing line when all else seems the same is whether you believe the church is infallible and thus unfungible (Rome, Orthodoxy and a few others including the Tractarians in their way... the Catholic sense of ‘high church’ before it came to mean a kind of ceremonial) or not (the plain meaning of Articles XIX and XXI).
  • Hearing confessions as a former parish of the Charismatic Episcopal Church becomes Western Rite Antiochian Orthodox: praise music outside of the Mass and office; Anglo-Catholic liturgy. Wonderful!

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