Thursday, October 16, 2008

From GetReligion
  • 50 people who b*ggered up Britain. Online at last in abridged form. I don’t agree with everything (after all it’s the Mail) but:
    Many of Margaret Thatcher’s political decisions improved our country. She revived the acumen of our business tycoons. She prevented the Falkland Islands falling into the hands of a murderous junta and reminded us it was worth being British.
    The C of E’s Bugnini:
    The turbulent Jasper, Dean of York from 1975-84, was the man who more than any other liturgical scholar was responsible for the erosion of the finest expression of religion in the English language, the Book of Common Prayer.

    Change, change, change, that was Jasper’s goal — and finally he got his way.

    At his urging the Church produced the Alternative Service Book, the dreaded ASB, unrhythmic, babyish, its prose as tinny as a can of beans.

    No wonder our churches are nowadays so much more empty. Jasper caused this, the bloody fool.
    The BCP has its problems for Catholics and churches have been reeling since the ‘Enlightenment’ but yes.
    During the 20th century, Western architecture underwent a moral breakdown when popular ideas of beauty were treated with contempt.

    Buildings were imposed on the public, often by government officials, rather as sour medicine is thrust down the throat of a reluctant child.
    Richard Dawkins:
    He is the anti-preacher whose sermons are designed to erode churchgoing and, with that, weaken our happiness.

    A man less obsessed with himself and with the narrow calculations of men in white coats might realise that religion, although never offering proof of God’s existence, can sugar catastrophe and brighten chasms.

    In times of turbulence, the human being is little different from the vole or the dormouse. It will take shelter where it can.

    No amount of superior lecturing from an anti-Christ, not even one with so important a title as his, will alter that.
    The Schoolmen including St Thomas Aquinas weren’t arrogant like him: using logic they showed it’s not unreasonable to believe. The rest is faith.
    It was Rippon who was responsible for handing over our fishing rights to the EEC in 1973.

    ‘EastEnders’ bastes Britain in the juices of misery, violence and nostalgia, all in the name of public broadcasting. Public wrist-slitting, more like.
    Thank you!
    The characters... still talk cockney, even though younger Londoners long ago took up a rap-music, street jungle patois, which is heavily black American in tone.

    Anon is now the most prolific poster of pro-Government comments on political activists’ websites.

    Harold Wilson was in some ways a good Prime Minister. He kept us out of the Vietnam War.

    Scarlett is the intelligence expert who allowed Downing Street publicity pedlars — the headline and bullet-point men — to stick their oars into the drafting of the ‘September dossier’ about Saddam Hussein, which led to Britain becoming enmeshed in the U.S.’s war with Iraq.
    ‘Shiiiiine, Jesus, shiiiiine...’
    Happy-cr*ppy hymns are a pestilence. They demean adult worship.

    Should it not be a strength of Anglican worship that it does not move with the times and instead provides continuity at a time of baffling change?

    The sturdy hymns of England, musical embodiment of the stoicism, resolve and undemonstrative solidarity of our nation, are in severe peril.
    I prefer chant to all of it but yes.
    Television producer Peter Bazalgette is pretty upfront about it: he’s in it for the money.

    A Britain without an authoritative, tightly edited
    Times letters page is somehow a less civilised place to live.
  • Blue-dog Democrats. The Texan Protestant version of North-Eastern Rust Belters. Social conservatism and soft socialism. Their heart’s in the right place but they ought to read the works of this fellow.

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