Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Mark Shea
  • Neither credulity nor scepticism: how Catholicism reads the Bible. Neither fundamentalist nor Modernist.
  • Joe Biden’s common-knowledge cartoon of Rome. There was this mythical Pope, you see, named John XXIII and he basically taught that if the Democrats said it was socially responsible, then you could do it even if it disagreed with that musty old Church teaching. But then mean Pope John Paul tried to stop all that because he hated sex and everything. And of course, mean Pope Benedict is also a control freak like JPII. But good Catholic Democrats know that John XXIII said it was okay to do whatever you wanted, especially if it meant votes for Democrats. Although like Hilary White and many others I’ll agree there’s the old Rome (which included John XXIII) that held, among other things, essentially what I believe in (what the Orthodox, ‘London, Brighton and the South Coast’ and the biretta belt believed in) and then there’s essentially this Protestant sect that’s taken over the parishes and the minds of many RCs and is passing itself off as Catholicism.
  • The Republicans are not pro-life. What will be missing in 2012? 2016? 2020? as we prolifers continue playing battered wife to a husband who threatens to leave us if we don’t shut up and stop making so many demands on him? Mark isn’t being played in this election either.
  • If you still believe that our ruling classes both political and economic are primarily interested in the common good, I have a bridge to sell you. The American Founding was predicated on the fact that nobody can be trusted with too much power. We now have a ruling class that has more power than the most brazen Caesar could have dreamed of — and we have somehow convinced ourselves that this is normal and we are in no danger from this extraordinary concentration of power in the hands of a small group of people.

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