Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Rod Dreher
  • Newspapers are still in deep recession, and have been for a while. I’m worried but not too much so about the panic because in my business it’s not news. At a small-town weekly below the radar and run on a shoestring, are we acclimated? You know, a lot of people love to hate the MSM, and of course I concede that we bring a lot of it onto ourselves. But it’s also the case that a lot of the most vociferous haters don’t really understand how newspapers work. I’m thinking of one of the friends who got pink-slipped this morning, who crafts beautiful stories about life in our city. There’s nothing political about her work. Nothing. She’s good at her job ... but there simply isn’t the revenue to keep folks like her on staff. These people are the MSM too: ordinary, hard-working and talented men and women who do their best to be fair and interesting and curious in living out their vocations. If the death of newspapers pleases you, then let me say I just don’t get you.
  • Obama’s Pyrrhic victory? Every worst instinct they have to disdain and re-educate the parochial views of our unprogressed middle class might do them in.

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