Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Rod Dreher
  • The RC vote redux: 4 out of 5 US RCs are functional Protestants.
  • Evangelical teens and sex. Owen White once wrote about his upbringing that the poor rural kids took sex seriously as is right (they understood its purpose and results); the rich kids in the ’70s or ’80s treated it more like a game. Here you see the boomer grandparents and their SWPL progeny with a similar attitude cut off from coherence and reality and horrified at the natural consequences (pro-infanticide Obama’s ‘punished with a baby’ remark, or as Mark Shea says show me a society that hates virginity and I’ll show you one that hates children). This is a bit different but shows conservative Christians are just as fallible as any other person, and honest about it, not being the judgemental bullies the left make them out to be, and take responsibility for their actions. (The Palin family’s point.)

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