Friday, October 17, 2008

How the mainline churches think
Ultimately all of Protestantism is based on private judgement not an infallible, unfungible church but Christopher Johnson has got the liberal side sussed
The “three-legged stool,” the three legs of that stool being emotion, emotion and emotion.

A case was there
[for WO — sure, a non-Catholic one]. But a case was never made. Supporters of That Issue knew they were right and proceeded accordingly. That Issue was declared to be an issue of “justice” which shielded it from any discussion at all.

After all, “justice” is not open for debate, is it? And we certainly can’t let some old book stand in the way, can we? The Bible/church tradition irrelevance out of the way, That Issue became a done deal.

Same with Gene Robinson. After several false starts, his supporters’ case boiled down to this. “We know what the Bible says. But look at all the really nice homosexuals we know.” Experience trumps Scripture. Experience trumps everything.

A lot of people owe Pentecostals an apology.

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