Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More RR
  • US national-debt counter runs out of digits. Under a ‘conservative’ president, arguably the worst in history.
  • A silver lining? The empire’s bankrupt.
  • None of the above. Don’t vote.
  • These days, you can hear or read all manner of rantings about how we simply must prevent an Obama presidency, or how we simply must prevent a McCain presidency, depending upon who is doing the ranting. And lots of people have lots of bad things to say — most of them true — about the candidate they hate the most. But what they fail to see is that, having accepted the cult of “democracy” as legitimate, 99% of those whining about how bad one candidate is are then stuck supporting someone else who is just as bad. They are so indoctrinated into the mindset of slaves that the only choice they can even comprehend is, “Which slavemaster do we want?” They are incapable of backing up and saying, “Who says I have to support either of these psychotic jackasses?”
  • What is a libertarian? There’s bound to be disagreement among us as unlike a religion this is a tool not a full worldview. The beauty of it is it works for everyone.
  • Where have all the protest singers gone? In the ’60s we thought we could change the world. Hooray for Burkean pessimism. Having been mugged by reality, a chance to grow up. People are overwhelmed by the corruption of our government. Might they have grown up enough to realise government isn’t the answer? Probably not but there’s always hope. And don’t forget Aimee Allen.
  • The bully state: fining a 12-year-old £50 for being sick in the street.

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