Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nowhere men
Daniel Nichols gets it
We have a serious charisma gap here.

I’m not voting for either of them. Obama is horrid on abortion, and to the surprise and disappointment of many he is emphasizing his record rather than downplaying it. And he chose a prochoice
[sic] [nominal, by birth, Roman] Catholic — and party hack — for his running mate.

And McCain, as I have said here before, is a grave threat to world peace. He’s like Bush, without the intellectual depth and sound judgment. Yes, that is a joke.

Decades of observing Republican rule brings the conclusion that a McCain presidency would not change anything regarding legal abortion. And as the election of Obama would bring a collective sigh of relief to the rest of the world that the Bush Era is definitively over, I suppose I am hoping that Obama wins. But I can’t vote for him. I think the case can be made, but I am not going to do it.

However, what really struck me, watching the two men in action, besides the coolness gap, was the fact that for the first time in American electoral politics we have two placeless men running for president.
Obama’s corn-syrup ads notwithstanding, true.

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