Thursday, October 16, 2008

Swim at your own risk

From Damian Thompson
  • A big church ‘do’ so politically correct, patronising and biased to the Left that it is beyond satire. Not something in the Anglican Communion but in the UK right under Pope Benedict’s nose. As Andrew Burnham ‘brings our folk with us’ (as is meet and right) the Pope had better have his back. In 20-25 years nothing’s changed on the ground (IOW as well as risible this seems a quarter-century out of date!): Most Catholics in their teens and twenties are sick to the back teeth of this sort of drivel, but I’d be surprised if many of the Church employees running this stunt were actually young. From the com-box: Do you think that if I brought up savings in Iceland banks, they could be transubstantiated into Nationwide shares?
  • That said if one’s church is fallible therefore fungible the Anglican left have a point and those who stay behind forfeit their right to whinge. In 1992... Fr John Broadhurst, as he then was, [was] fuming that the C of E had cut itself off from apostolic Christianity... etc. etc. He then accepted a mitre from [that] church... The culture — Mass-and-office, great art etc. — is worth fighting for but not in liberal Protestantism where it doesn’t belong.
Photo from Fr Steel.

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