Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why evangelise?
Or why Vatican II was taken for indifferentism even though it didn’t literally say that. At the other end Feeneyism is not Catholic doctrine but is in the spectrum of Catholic opinion.
Pius IX’s statement in Quanto Conficiamur Moerore that unbelief need not be a sin and that unbelievers can be saved despite their unbelief, was never intended or taken as more than a modal statement, an hypothetical possibility; it makes no claim about what actually happens. All of the positions taken by the Church historically entail that, although it is possible that unbelievers can be saved, we should nevertheless endeavor to convert them in order to save their souls.
The Orthodox also claim to be the one true church and at the same time have the famous expression ‘we know where the church is but cannot say where it is not’. A while back the mainstream media acted outraged that Pope Benedict repeated the teaching that Rome is the true church. The liberal Protestants were likewise hurt. The Russian Orthodox Church understood and respected him. He was talking their language! From Jeff.

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