Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anglican stuff
  • Very ethnic. Huw on the culture. More from Treat on that.
  • Fr Tony Clavier has a new blog. An alternative province. Déjà vu. Fine with me of course if it happens. But... ‘let’s re-create the Elizabethan compromise so it can fall apart again’. Most people don’t choose a church because of Controversial Issues™; the Episcopalian I work with seems to the manor born but became one because he liked the friendly local parish. (A retired teacher, he was impressed with how they dealt with the suicide of someone from his school.) Both sides commune all the baptised and being thrown out of Anglicanism wouldn’t shut the Episcopalians down so... it’s really no big deal.
  • Where is the church? A back-handed witness to the various Catholic one true churches (Rome, Orthodoxy, the Oriental communion and the conservative Nestorians, the Ancient Church of the East) or the branch theory in full denies there is a church! The Catholic world of course has so much in common, which is what the branch-theorists are trying to get at and is better than the online polemics one sees vehemently denying that, but yes. Liberals and conservatives, you may have the creeds, the episcopate and the Mass but if you haven’t got church infallibility you’re Protestant (Articles XIX and XXI). Here Father isn’t fair about papal infallibility whether one accepts it or not as it can’t invent new doctrine that goes against the old unlike ‘progressive revelation’ like the déclassé Mormons and the liberal Protestants who look down on them go in for (as has been written those two types really have much in common in their idealism).

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