Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anglicanish doings
  • Elvis has left the building. The Episcopal Church’s last Catholic diocese and thus that movement have left that church for the same Elizabethan compromise but without gay weddings (more).
  • Quincy: I don’t go in for suing congregations out of their buildings and as a libertarian I defend the Episcopalians’ right to be but must admit, based on photos, I’m not sad to see one of the world’s ugliest cathedrals go to the other side.
  • Congratulations! The English-born priest who named tolerant conservatism for me, one of my catch-phrases (which essentially means all are welcome, mind your own business and God forgives), has been elected a suffragan bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America, one of the three early Continuing denominations. I’ve known him online for years through message boards: a sensible Northerner (no froufrou for its own sake) with a real parish ministry. And he looks as if I had a long-lost younger brother! I write ‘Anglicanish’ as, unlike the Southern Cone and the Episcopalians, UECNA is not recognised as a member by Lambeth.
UPDATE: Photos from Fort Worth.

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