Friday, November 07, 2008

Blaming Anglo-Catholicism, part II
Or VirtueOnline is not your friend. (Part I.) Theo Hobson, no friend of the faith himself, understands the history and the reality: a Protestant, Erastian institution (that in his opinion was put in its proper place), something conscientious Christians in it always felt bad about, thus varied attempts throughout its history to fix it, from this confessional Evangelical Anglicanism (the pure and godly man-made doctrine of the ‘Reformation’) to Methodism and, dating back to about the early 1600s and taken up by the Tractarians and their successors, Anglo-Catholicism, trying to identify the English Church not with continental Protestantism but the infallible, divinely instituted church of the fathers and the Middle Ages. Did Newman’s method in Tract XC (deconstructionism or we owe no allegiance to the intent of the framers) pave the way for Protestant Modernists? Perhaps. Was that his intent? Certainly not. To this lot (Mr Kensit’s direct descendants) we were pups fouling our own nest but on whose authority do they stand? The same shaky one — ultimately self — as their revisionist enemies.

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