Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Daniel Larison
  • Neocons, don’t blame the pro-lifers for your losing. Mainstream society is more anti-abortion than they or the Obamanoids think. But a commenter adds: If anti-abortion sentiment is unchanged for the young overall, but higher for young evangelicals, that means it’s lower for young non-evangelicals. That suggests that abortion may become more important for motivating the Republican base, but even less useful for winning the center.
  • Under Obama, business as usual on the foolish war on drugs.
  • Palinonics. Much of what I do at the newspaper is filter out junk like this so it doesn’t get printed. It seems that she or her writers are like corporate types, insecure and/or dim and trying to hide it with lots of unneeded words as described by Paul Fussell.

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