Thursday, November 20, 2008

From GetReligion
  • What, the media are biased? No! Though I think by ‘conservatives’ they don’t mean me.
  • As I was saying: Obama wins by 53 per cent: ‘landslide’. Proposition 8 wins by 52: ‘slim margin’.
  • A Palin smear. The media seem congenitally incapable of getting Palin’s religious rhetoric. It’s like there’s something about Palin that makes reporters just lose any sense at all when covering her.
  • On the blind spot that is the reason GR exists.
  • It really isn’t fair to say that “Iker and his predecessors” believe in a male priesthood, when the support for that doctrine is rather larger, when seen in the context of, well, the Roman Catholic Church, all of the churches of the Orthodox East and scores of Protestant bodies, including most of the Anglican Communion (if you are counting national churches and bodies in pews).
  • Explaining excommunication. The continuing story of bad, biased media coverage of a few disgruntled, ageing RCs (you know, cranks) joining the vagante-church world and not quite being honest about that, in the name of women’s ordination. I understand the deadline has passed for Fr Bourgeois to recant. The reason such people don’t simply become mainline Protestants is real or imagined ethnic and class loyalty. They think Catholic means being of non-British white immigrant stock whilst I say it means being Catholic. Everything Thomas Day has written about English-speaking, particularly American, RCs is true. The ‘Irish’ (even when they’re French) hate the ‘English’ (including WASP culture) even more than they hate the Pope.

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