Friday, November 14, 2008

From Rod Dreher
  • On blacklists:
    When the gay-rights protesters move from the Mormon churches down to black or Latino churches or institutions, let me know. They’re going after the Mormons because the Mormons are white and middle-class, therefore safe to attack.
    Ludwig von Mises was right: privately you may discriminate against anyone and hurt yourself by so doing; the market works against it.
  • Why I oppose the religious left (riding piggyback on the real power, the secularist left): the same reason I oppose the religious right.
    Eugene Volokh, the UCLA law prof who supports gay marriage, once wrote that one of the key goals of the gay-rights movement is to punish and marginalize people who in private life hold views they see as anti-gay.
    As I’m sure anybody who’s been around a liberal Protestant church can tell you: Act Up hijacks Lake Wobegon Lutheran. They want the state to go and do likewise.
    It’s in the interest of prudent social conservatives and prudent gay-rights activists to come to some sort of settlement that would allow for gay marriage while establishing a zone of protection of religious liberty around religious institutions, for the sake of religious freedom.
    There already is one, everybody’s for the asking! Libertarianism: get the state out of the marriage biz. Catholics can have sacramental marriages and gays theirs.
  • Common sense on child-rearing from an American Indian.
  • On bailing out the Rust Belt. Heartfelt on upstate New York. The state throwing money into unprofitable businesses doesn’t work.
  • Economically we’re mighty screwed. There’s nobody left to finance US borrowing. Bishop Richard Williamson:
    The crisis consists essentially in mountains of debt, piled up over tens, even hundreds, of years, and which must be paid back or defaulted on. Now credit cards are an all too easy way of running up debt, and the rates of interest to be paid on them are often sheer usury. Unless one is very disciplined in their use, they should be torn apart and thrown away, and debit cards should be used in their place, if necessary. St. Paul says, owe nothing to any man, except charity. The Old Testament says, the debtor is slave of the creditor (Romans XIII, 8; Proverbs, XXII, 7).

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