Friday, November 21, 2008

From Taki
  • Who killed Detroit? Pat Buchanan doesn’t blame the fat cats building wasteful SUVs but Washington. BTW in this blog the photo artwork on top shows at far left a now-gone artefact of this derelict city, the altar arch of a disused church since pulled down (they moved to the ’burbs) which says in Slovak ‘Let us bow down to the eternal holiness of the altar’.
  • Paul Gottfried on cultural Protestantism and its decay. SWPL or why Nordic kids in northern Michigan are mad for Obama.
    Richard Spencer noted that Western Christians “are obsessed with being virtuous.” At a time when the Christian belief system has eroded, this fixation has led to exaggerated expressions of group self-denial and to the grotesque worship of the supposedly marginalized.

    The only qualification I would make to Richard’s generalization is that the suicidal quest for suicidal virtue is particularly characteristic of Protestants, that is, of those denominations that come out of an individualistic religious tradition. Such beliefs have always impressed me in their pristine form as being expressive of a certain spiritual maturity, but as the Old Presbyterian theologian James Kurth notes, these same beliefs lead rapidly into “a succession of worsening deformations.” Wilsonianism and Political Correctness are both identifiable Protestant aberrations.

    Of course it is possible to find the same traits among
    [Roman] Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Christians. But among these groups such peculiarities are less common, and what often drives the multicultural engagement of some of their members is a sense of having been formerly excluded, directly or through one’s ancestors, from what was once a WASP society. Unlike the Protestants, these religious-ethnic minorities have not joined the Left in order to obliterate their own group identity. It’s someone else’s identity that they are trying to weaken in order to feel more comfortable in American society.
Except over 40 years the former have systematically self-protestantised locally (ironically, where it counts, on religious liberty and ecumenism, I agree with Vatican II) and the latter suffer from bad or nonexistent catechesis so many/most go along with the mainstream herd. (The converts in both tend to be a sub-set of the Protestant right, reliably Republican, and no, that’s not good.)

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