Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodies in the post from Dr Tighe
  • Salve, Mater by Frederick Joseph Kinsman, sometime Episcopal Church Bishop of Delaware, printed in 1927. An insider’s view of Anglo-Catholicism around the time it peaked (he was an undergraduate at Oxford in the 1890s) and a look at ‘Reformation’ history, written along the same lines as, published a few years later, Why Rome by Selden Peabody Delany (people seemed to go in for three names back then) which I read ages ago.
  • E.C. Ratcliff: Liturgical Studies edited by A.H. Couratin (late principal of St Stephen’s House) and D.H. Tripp.
  • The service sheet from the Requiem for Queen Mary I and Reginald Cardinal Pole from Corpus Christi Church, New York.
Many thanks!

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