Monday, November 10, 2008

Her 15 minutes
Blamin’ Palin

I agree that the Republican Party may well not learn its lesson and instead go this route but don’t think she’ll be its leader in 2012. The neocons have already turned on her (‘so dumb she didn’t know Africa was a continent not a country’ and ‘we want our designer duds back’... RR remembers, ‘Weren’t they supposed to go to charity?’). Dan Quayle in a borrowed designer dress.
The party is divided primarily into two factions: McCain’s moderate wing (which supports massive government and doesn’t care about religious issues) and Palin’s right wing (which supports massive government and is obsessed with religious issues). There is no small-government wing save the much maligned libertarian wing led by (who else?) Ron Paul (or ‘There’s a Constitution, remember? Don’t try to play me with religion!’).
Maybe they’ll self-destruct like the unopposed Democrats: blacks and whitebread lefties are already going after each other over the gay thing.

The audacity of hope.

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