Thursday, November 20, 2008

How the state co-opts the opposition
It is true, of course, that conservatism is not libertarianism. But many who identify more with the right than left can be, overall, opponents of the regime.

The conservatives had some great moments in the 1990s. At least some of them did. There was at least a considerable faction with moderately libertarian attitudes.

Some of the good conservatives survived 9/11. But most of them have been nothing if not supporters of the Bush state. The left, in contrast, has sounded much more libertarian since 9/11. Yet now we see the left warming back up to the federal government, but perhaps with a vengeance.

The modern democratic state has developed the ability to perversely convince people to become involved and support the state’s expansion when at first it was the state’s harassment that led them to political interest.
From LRC.

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