Friday, November 07, 2008

More from RR
  • Were we offered any change at all? The people who bought and sold the candidate are the same ones who bought and tried to sell McCain. They are also the same ones who bought and tried to sell us Hillary and Rudy. By January Ron Paul was number 3 to McCain’s number 8. They didn’t merely ignore him, but suppressed mention of him, kept him out of debates while lower-ranking contenders participated, and blatantly skipped over him in those debates they couldn’t keep him out of.
  • I don’t think Ron Paul himself could have won the election — the newsletter scandal would have sunk him — however, someone credibly advancing his agenda could have. [On three points that matter to most people, the economy, the war and corruption.] And, if the Republicans want to be anything more than a regional party limited to the band connecting Northern Louisiana to Kentucky, they would do well to consider that fact.
  • The real culture war. Do we want to live in a country that empowers individuals to innovate, invent, save, and plan for their own lives? Or do we want to live in a country where people have decided that’s too much of a burden, that their problems are too big for just themselves, and that we need politicians to solve them for us?

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