Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mormons and SWPLs: brothers under the surface
Rather like RC-Orthodox animosity online they hate each other because they’re so much alike: rivals. Historically and culturally both are forms of English Calvinism gone bad. (Liberalised Congregationalism and Unitarianism were way-stations for the SWPLs’ ancestors.) Southern social conservatism is a different brand. Don’t overlook the com-box.
They’re going after the Mormons because the Mormons are white and middle-class, therefore safe to attack.
Rod Dreher

The four-culture model of American history
The premise of Albion’s Seed, or the English Civil War transplanted: New England Puritans, Highland South Scotch-Irish (the culture most identified with the South today, of Nascar, Baptist and Pentecostal churches, country music and the US military*), Lowland South Cavaliers (identified with the old South) and the Mid-Atlantic hotchpotch (not anglophile Mid-Atlantic but geographical Mid-Atlantic including Pennsylvania, not dominated by any of the other three groups). Historically you can even hear echoes of the original accents.

From Steve Sailer.

*Much like in the mother country the Scots, defeated in their fight for (continued) independence, ended up as human cannon fodder in the empire’s wars, the ones the Puritans in various forms started because ‘they know what’s best’ for the rest of us.

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