Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is the West?
  • The invention of the “City” (polis) and of freedom under the law, along with the emergence of science and of an educational system in Ancient Greece.
  • The invention of a law system, of private property, of the “human person” and of humanism in republican Rome.
  • The ethical and eschatological revolution brought about by the Bible; the prevalence of charity over justice; the intensive increase of linear time by the acceptance of eschatology (i.e. the actual appearance of History).
  • The “Papal revolution” of the 11th-13th centuries founded on the tight synthesis of “Athens,” “Rome” and “Jerusalem.”
  • The revolution in science, economy, and politics triggered in Holland, England, North America, France, and soon replicated elsewhere which was conducive to “modernization” and the avant-garde position of the geographical areas where all five features were present.
From Joshua.

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