Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can Roman Catholics contribute to American conservatism?
Taki’s John Zmirak gives his opinion. They really don’t, at least not to a conservatism I can believe in: most of the self-consciously orthodox are thrown a bone on abortion and so are bought along with the Protestant right; the rank and file with mainstream Oprahfied views don’t watch the GOP’s EWTN talking heads and vote labour/Democratic like they always do. Then again as part of the secular right (not secularist) arguably I’m not a conservative but gladly a libertarian, but I still use both names. (Changing the name of the blog would lose traffic.) And you can still argue that classical liberalism is conservatism. Another way of putting it is unlike many of the social conservatives who voted for Prop 8 in sunny California I have no problem with giving left-liberals the same freedom as anybody else (golden-rule politics) but do oppose giving them the power to take away the freedom of social conservatives, which they seem to want.

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