Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas @ Clem’s and Our Lady of Lourdes 2008
Went to the first (midnight) Mass of the day at the former and to the third at the latter, respectively High/Tridentine in English Missal translation/Haydn and Missa Cantata/Novus Ordo/Missa de Angelis with the fine old-school Jesuit Fr Brannan soldiering on and helping Pope Benedict’s Catholic revival at that wonderful church. Saw the Ermines, the Wallacavages and a few other stalwarts of the local conservative RC scene. Brother Stephen and Ernst report that this year the midnight Mass at OL of Lourdes was Tridentine and High. Details from last year are here.

Update: Readers in the know can correctly guess in which church each was said.
And so in the Christmas pageant the kind little boy playing the innkeeper said his line, ‘There is no room in the inn’, but hastened to add ‘but do come in and have a drink’.

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‘Well, if
I had a blog I’d call it A Conservative Blog for Blowing ’Em All Away and Letting God Sort ’Em Out’!

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