Monday, December 15, 2008

From First Things
  • Burke on the dangers of idealism and why Communists get a free pass even today although they murdered more than the Nazis. FT and I differ on using the state to control vice (for newcomers to this blog I’m a libertarian). Economic progressives are not terribly influential, as Obama’s cabinet appointments demonstrate. But the cultural progressives are very much in ascendancy. A crucial fact about progressive politics: Our social world needs to be destroyed in order for moral and political ideals to be realized, unsullied by the past. Because conservatism is based in traditional realities rather than progressive ideals, it need not revolutionize culture and suppress dissent.
  • Christ without culture, or the conclusion of Protestantism, a religion of self that’s entirely subjective. The question is can one support religious liberty including a secular (fair to all, not secularist which is anti-religious) state without falling into these errors? What a friend describes as ‘drawbridge’ Catholics (historical fantasists) including SSPXers say no; I disagree even though I have’t entirely worked out an answer. (I’m part of the secular right.)

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