Saturday, December 20, 2008

From Joshua
  • Human rights, a gift to the world from the Catholic Church.
  • Fr Protodeacon Paul Weyrich. Our conservatisms may have differed significantly but his faith was sound as a pound; apparently he was one of more than a few refugees from the Novus Ordo (along with traddies and people who opted out by simply dropping out) who dropped anchor at Byzantium and stayed. (I never met Father but have been to his metro-DC Melkite church for Liturgy where I heard an excellent sermon on the right, balanced approach to fasting.) Eternal memory.
  • Another old song as Catholic code: I’m a bit wary of these stories (like ‘Shakespeare was one of us’) but have a look, and hooray for King Francis.
  • On Obama: Why is America getting seamless continuity when it voted for significant change?
  • Again, don’t blame the free market. Gigantism was not inevitable. This is the standard tactic used on twentieth-century Jeffersonians: to admit to the emotional appeal of their vision but to scoff at its hopelessly backward-looking romanticism. In fact there was never anything inevitable about gigantism; as economic historians ranging from Marxist Gabriel Kolko to free marketeer Murray N. Rothbard have shown, the largest corporations grew fat precisely because the level playing field... had been tilted by the array of subsidies, licensing arrangements, tariffs, import quotas, and tax advantages that stock the monopolists’ armory.

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