Saturday, December 20, 2008

From LRC
  • My industry, it’s a-changin’. And sometimes change is good. Hooray for the market. My company’s cuts were long-overdue corrections: clearing out the deadwood on the shop floor, barely out of school, hired on the cheap and acting like they were still in college; the grownups who give a damn are back in charge. (The best of both worlds, old-school ‘Lou Grant’-like newsmen — ties, weekly planning meetings and suchlike — who ‘get’ the Internet.) There will always be demand for our product in some form: coverage of town politics, high-school sport and, in those tony neighbourhoods, kids in the schools (education is valued) and society parties, things other media don’t do, and here a transition online would be fairly easy. Everything I do now I can do on the Web. Speaking of slide rules I think I’ll save one of the proportion wheels from my old office before it closes and put it on my wall; it’ll only be thrown away otherwise. (Nearly 14 years ago I used to use one! And did literal paste-ups with hot wax as well.)
  • The bubble of empire from Justin Raimondo.

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