Friday, December 12, 2008

From Rod Dreher
  • The Richard Cizik story. Regrettably it doesn’t mean younger evangelicals are becoming libertarian (get the state out of the marriage biz; freedom for all) only more left-liberal, that is, mainstream (civil unions and government-funded contraception).
  • The Icelandisation of Europe?
  • Very scary, kids. Just like late-’60s unrest made evangelicals, once rightly wary of the state including the military (as late as 1936 the Southern Baptist Convention was anti-war), turn to idealising the military, you’ll probably hear more of this: I overheard an elderly veteran say, “What we need in this country is a coup. Just bring the military in and straighten things out.” I asked him if he really meant that, and if he understood what he was saying. “Hell yeah,” he said. “Look at ’em.” He meant Congress and Wall Street. Like this from the LRC blog: what’s wrong with the JBS.
  • At least they didn’t put him in the manger.

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