Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From Taki
  • Europe’s double-barrelled war on Christmas. For readers who don’t know, Europe is secularist (anti-religious); America, in theory with a secular (impartial) government, is not. In Europe, the war against Christmas is being waged on all fronts, with the institution under attack from two sides: from secularist fundamentalists, who turn it into a mockery with two Josephs (or two Marys) amidst pink Christmas trees, and from Muslim fundamentalists who tolerate no nativity scenes and no Christmas trees at all. In Oxford, England, the city council has decided to ban the C-word and replace it with the term “Winter Light Festival.” This is done in order “to include all religious denominations.”
  • Consumer kids and their plastic lives.
  • Walter Block.
  • Ron Paul and the left-libertarians.

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