Friday, December 19, 2008

From Taki
  • The invention of Christmas. Dickens and the Germans changed Victorian England. No, I don’t agree with all of Taki’s outrageous quips. Oh, yes, A Christmas Carol was an exercise in vanity publishing, as Dickens’s publishers, Chapman & Hall, expressed so little enthusiasm for it the author put up his own moolah. A smart move. One hundred and sixty-five years later, a fat and jolly St. Nick makes the rounds in Christian countries, bringing presents and happiness to children the world over, my own country being an exception. St. Basil brings gifts to Greek children on 31 December, instead. When Dickens published his short novel, Christmas was very different to the present holiday.
  • The grinch who stole Festivus. RIP Paul Weyrich, IIRC a Melkite deacon.
  • WASPy conservative non-WASPs. The ethnic whites who founded the conservative movement defended and tried to emulate the values of that the Northeastern WASP establishment abandoned. No, I don’t believe in George Wallace’s race-baiting.

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