Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Time
  • Top 10 religion stories. Mostly yawners. The Pope’s visit to America was a state one really, nothing more. Religion shouldn’t have influenced the US election as the country has a secular government, which is a good thing (impartial, fair to all faiths and no faith). My top 10 wouldn’t be of general interest or world importance so they wouldn’t make Time’s cut but would include ‘Elvis has left the building’ (there are no more Catholic dioceses in the Episcopal Church, which was only a matter of time but worth noting) and possibly the death of the Patriarch of Moscow.
  • Who should be Person of the Year? Obama by far. The election should not have been about race and some argue that the economy was the only reason it wasn’t a factor but like his supporters I like to think it means Americans have moved beyond all that.

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