Wednesday, January 14, 2009

27-ninja scenarios
1). Start with a preconceived notion (for example, “destructive embryonic research is morally acceptable”), 2.) construct a scenario in which an act that ostensibly affirms the preconceived notion is the only sensible choice, and 3.) whistle past whole chunks of reality to make it work.
One good rule of thumb I’ve discovered over the year is, “The more obviously immoral the act you seek to justify is, the more bizarre and unlikely the hypothetical situation you will concoct to make your preferred monstrous act the the only possible choice.”
Mark Shea

And as many of you know, having learnt it from from the big and small screens, you need not worry if you really are surrounded by 27 ninjas; after all in your mind you’re cast as the hero. The ninjas will compliantly dance around you in a threatening manner as you skilfully take them down one at a time.

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