Thursday, January 22, 2009

From Mark Shea
  • On Mr Obama and his speech: Some of it is obviously evil, such as the telegraphed embrace of cannibalism so that vain Baby Boomers can keep their looks a few more years. Some of it was obviously good, such as the not-so-veiled rejection of the Bush embrace of torture and war crimes so that cowardly Baby Boomers can feel safe. But underneath these cosmetics was a solid and sturdy conviction that America remains a secular messianic (and increasingly alternative) Light to the Nations that promises a better hope for the world than the Kingdom of Christ. Which is why traddies reject classical liberalism. But that’s not what I mean by belonging to the secular right as a libertarian classical liberal. Politics are only a tool not a complete worldview.
  • What with sin making you extremely stupid and all, I have to wonder if Caesar, now drunk on the wine of leftist hatred of the Church will really be stupid enough to start trying to strangle the whole network of social services provided by the Church, just out of stupid spite. The Church will go on till the end of time somehow or other. But the US is a purely human institution that can easily commit suicide if it decides it is more important to hate and murder the Church than it is to care for the least of these.

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