Thursday, January 15, 2009

From Mark Shea
  • Palestine: the Christian right are hypocrites.
  • Douglas Kmiec’s apologia. The Obamacons are wrong but much of the online RC right is rubbish as is true of online Orthodoxy, online Anglicanism left and right and, I suspect, online anything. I’ll take one Andrew Bacevich over the lot of them.
  • ‘Idolatry is a fascinating study.’ The Left is finally starting to figure out how to exploit religion in the US rather than simply despise it. However, they are learning from the masters in the GOP.
  • Spirituality not religion, the American ex-Protestant boomer/SWPL faith. “Spirituality” in news speak means “a life connected to the Transcendent in a way which is emotionally tangible to the human participant.” “Religion” means “weird fossilized rituals and dogmas — especially Catholic ones — that have no discernible connection to what journalists think matters.” The notion that “religion” and “spirituality” might overlap seldom occurs to the poor things. “Religion” is externalism. “Spirituality” is gnostic enlightenment.
  • A catastrophically bad president. But he feels good about himself like every member of Generation Narcissus should.

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