Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Taki
  • What is religion? I think Arturo and I have similar answers: it’s really answering to a higher power (whether you believe that’s the triune God or the sun to which you sacrifice people) not ‘spirituality’ in which the supernatural, if it exists, is a sort of concierge or at least a fun way to celebrate yourself. More.
  • Is Christianity Western? Germanisation? Oh, dear. Reminds me why I don’t read online Orthodox. But of course it’s a valid point. Western Catholicism is obviously related to the Eastern family of churches (Protestantism obviously not) but culturally different to all of them.
  • Is social conservatism necessary? Good points but I still believe in secular not secularist conservatism. (Often identified as here with Barry Goldwater who once famously told Jerry Falwell to shut up.)
  • The patron saint of white guilt celebrated in the US this week. A great but flawed man of course, right on war, militarism and nationalism, but posthumously turned into the god figure of a post-Christian religion, albeit one that is parasitic on Christian narratives. Interestingly he shares his birthday with another hero, Robert E. Lee (a great man, paternalistic perhaps by our standards but like many of his class not personally hostile to blacks). One wonders what Lee (who turned down command of the US Army rather than invade Virginia) would think of this.
  • On that story claiming women have better sex with rich men. Robert McCain’s sceptical.

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