Friday, January 30, 2009

Joy on the Web
The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
Culture11 may come a-cropper (at least the site is still up) and blogging may be giving way to mediocre social sites but — gaudent angeliMark Shea has updated his blog template so it now has a live bookmark! You’ll be seeing more here from him.

Some recent highlights:
  • On America’s Obasm: Even intransigent God-botherers can have a seat at the table if they will simply acknowledge that the God we worship is now seated in the White House and that all his judgements are righteous and true. When the Prince of Peace says partial-birth abortion is okay, [Roman] Catholic hospitals must be compelled to provide it, and gay marriage is a glorious sacrament of our civic us-ness (the mainliners, grateful for a social cause to latch onto: ‘We marched with Dr King! We still matter! We do, we do, we do!’) that makes it all fine. The Era of Good Feelings has begun!
  • Atheism will make the world into a Swedish paradise! Or at least Portland, a capital of SWPLness. Pay no attention to that gulag behind the curtain. I know people who experienced Soviet life including in at least one case the prisons. They are not SWPLs.
  • Telling off the neocaths. The branch of the Prot right with rosaries, or ‘only heretics whinge about torture so just shut up and vote Republican’.
  • ‘Boffins: men and women are different’, or on evangelising Oprah fans: The Kawfee Tawk crowd are not bad people. They’re just sheep without a shepherd, regurgitating all the fluff they’ve been eating from a diet of TV and the spiritual equivalent of Twinkies. Standard Catholic apologetics (which is overwhelmingly masculine and combative) is a non-starter for reaching such people, who are not looking to what they call “spirituality” for intellectual rigor, but for love, acceptance, and community. No small part of what is wrong with a lot of Catholic apologetics is that the response to that observation will be snort of derision and not an attempt to understand why. The sooner many in the Catholic-apologetics subculture figure out that love and truth are not opposites, the sooner we can proceed with the New Evangelization.

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