Friday, January 30, 2009

Loyd Grossman is cooler than I thought
I know why people think what they do: the voice often seems off course. But having done the transatlantic thing and as an inveterate pasta-sauce fan I admit I rather like him. (Thanks for trying to preserve redundant churches and trying to do something nice with NHS food.) About a year ago he and/or his ad agency took a page from William Shatner selling Priceline and came up with this: bring him in on the joke (awn the jeauke as he’d put it).
When they (parish churches) were built, they were meant to be the centre of the community. They still should be.
When the young Bostonian first came to the UK in 1974, the parish church summed up ‘England’ and ‘Englishness’ to him (who knows what it would be now? ‘X Factor’ and binge drinking probably).
There was something iconic about an English church. Just as in New England, where I grew up, every village was built around its white, wooden meeting house and the village green, so the parish church symbolises the whole history of this country.

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