Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Anonymously from an online friend of mine. The sort of thing all orthodox believers including Catholics are accused of these days; a valuable distinction is that between fundamentalism (actually a sort of cartoon of orthodoxy and of modern origin) and orthodoxy/traditionalism (both the folk kind and that of the learned, like the late Eric Mascall for example).
The thing that I despise most about Neo-Caths, Catholic traditionalists, Orthodox converts and crazies, Protestant fundamentalists, and ideologues of all stripes:

Smallness of soul.

I think that one gets the sense that these types of people only believe since they can hide behind their beliefs; there is a fundamental insecurity behind how they articulate their faith. There is also a tribalism, a tendency for sloganeering and name-dropping, and a quickness to judge and label. Even if what they profess to believe seems to be immaculate and edifying, these traits often rear their ugly head in places where one least expects it. I could name names, but I don’t think that necessary. I would imagine all of you could come up with examples.

Many of the people that I have most admired in my life have been some of the most “closed-minded”. But they have had greatness of soul: they did not fear or cower before error since they were firm in the truth. I don’t get this sense in many of the people I cited above. All I get is a sense of pettiness, propaganda, and feigned tolerance that has more of strategy than it does of love. May God grant us great soul and deliver us from such smallness!
Liberals: mote, beam. I don’t think suing a congregation out of a building, trying to ‘out’ opponents or making fun of their weight show magnanimity.

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