Friday, January 23, 2009

Russian Orthodox locum tenens and possible new patriarch honest about similarities to and differences with RCs
Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad is that church’s longtime ecumenical officer. The problems on the ground are the protestantisation in teaching and practice in the Roman Church which Pope Benedict is trying to remedy (and as part of his Catholic revival he may even end the estrangement of the SSPX very soon!); the big theological one which he and I agree seems insurmountable is the scope of the Pope (good man-made rank or God-given office? — not Protestant and secularist anti-Romanism).

To say the complete break with some Protestant groups is because of homosexuality seems not quite right, to give Huw and other mainliners credit. Filter out the yuck factor and you see that it and other surface differences are symptoms of a much deeper one which makes corporate reunion of all the Protestant non-churches, homosexualist and non-, impossible.

Orthodoxy’s vision of a reunited Western Catholicism looks like Pope Benedict’s revival and not the 1970s Protestantism of the Novus Ordo parish or college.

From T1:9.

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