Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anglican headlines then and now
  • First from somebody on a message board a ride on the Wayback machine back to 1961, when the mainstream writers of Time were annoyed with Anglo-Catholics for getting in the way of pan-Protestant unity. By the time he died in 1980 Canon duBois saw the way things were going and was working on having Anglican Use RC parishes (which, though different, are national parishes like my idea for England) but didn’t live to see them.
  • Back to today: the Buddhist bishop. Now there have been unbelievers (not just doubters, and even atheists) in the clergy at least since the ‘Enlightenment’ (Talleyrand) but back then they paid lip service to orthodoxy. To be fair Buddhism isn’t necessarily a religion unlike the Sunni Islam the Revd Ann Redding joined. There’s some compatibility but I understand ultimately the beliefs are mutually exclusive as I’m sure a Tibetan (the Tibetan brand of Buddhism is a religion) would tell some liberal Protestant playing with his tradition. My head hurts.

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